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AllofMe is a Timeline-creating application platform. The platform enables auto-creating, publishing, managing and comparing multiple Timelines. AllofMe platform creates highly-visual Timelines, containing an endless number of assets and providing an unmatched, compelling user experience. AllofMe Timeline Platform can serve corporate publishers, content creators and end-users.

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Featured Customers
MyHeritage.com is a world-leading family social nework. Its 50 million users create family trees, share family photos and organize their genealogical information online.

MyHeritage.com has cooperated with AllofMe to leverage the AllofMe platform for helping users view and compare their family photos and events in a super-cool, fun-to-use, chronological timeline.

Wibiya Toolbar
Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars.

Wibiya has cooperated with AllofMe to leverage the AllofMe platform for helping bloggers view thier blog archive over a timeline.

Ynet, Israel's largest news portal, is using AllofMe's Timelines across its site, in the sports, encyclopedia, and news sections.

Additionally, AllofMe developed for ynet a back-end system which enable instant timeline creation of any given topic, by searching their 10-years archive and filter out keywords or tags.

RSS-based Timelines samples